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FVS318G-200NAS Netgear ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit VPN Firewall

Key Features:

  • MPN: FVS318G-200NAS
  • Manufacturer: Netgear


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FMC-F20 FW module, 20 1-Gig SFP ports, includes 4 SX SFP transceivers

Key Features:

  • MPN: FMC-F20
  • Manufacturer: Fortinet


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01-SSC-0217 SonicWall SOHO Gen 6 Firewall Appliance

Key Features:

  • MPN: 01-SSC-0217
  • Manufacturer: SonicWall


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In today's perspective, network breaking has become a frequent event, posing serious risks to businesses. A single hacker or internal breaking can result in prolonged challenges for an organization. To address this threat, businesses rely on various tools, with a network firewall standing out as a crucial cover device, which can stand as a wall between the hackers and your networks.

What is Network Firewall

A network firewall serves as the starting hurdle of protection for both business and home networks against external threats. It evaluates incoming data packets to work out their lawful. For instance, if the data concern to the VoIP phone system or employee email service, the firewall allows it to reach its destination without interruption. Furthermore, if the data packet is identified as adware or part of a potential DDoS attack, the firewall ideally averts it from progressing further.

You Have the Flexibility to Select from a Variation of Firewall Types

Packet Filtering Firewalls:

Among the well-used network firewall solutions, these types operate by inspect data packets and allow or contest them based on predefined rules. They grant access to packets that align with specified source and destination IP addresses. Packet-filtering firewalls come in two forms: active and stateless. Stateful firewalls, recognized for their increase security, retain information from previously approved packets. In contrast, stateless firewalls lack factors and judge packets in separation, give them unsafe to potential breaches.

Next-Generation (NGFW) Firewalls

These solutions give advanced features such as deep packet check, along with capabilities like intrusion prevention, convert traffic review, and antivirus protection. Deep packet check extends beyond header examination, warrant thorough scan of packet content to detect, classify, and prevent packets containing harmful data.

Proxy Firewalls:

Proxy firewalls serve as broker between systems, facilitating the filtering of network traffic at the application level. To proceed, clients must request access through the firewall, which then assesses the request against predefined security rules before determining whether to allow or block it.

Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewalls:

Post in multi-device environments, these firewalls allow multiple independent network addresses to access the internet using a single IP address. This setup hides individual IP addresses to improve security, avert attackers from capturing specific network addresses. NAT firewalls also serve as intermediaries between external traffic and multiple devices within the network.

In the empire of cybersecurity and network management, individuals and organizations possess many tools to confirm security standards. Among these, network firewalls have historically served as indispensable defences, and their importance is expected to endure well into the future. So, if you are looking for a wall that can protect your network, order now from JBS Devices and create a wall between your system and a hacker/virus.