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Terms and Conditions

The following guidelines outline the proper use of the computerpartshq.com website, including the goods and services provided by us, which are not limited to our product directory but also include external links to other websites. By accessing our website, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site (TCUS), including our privacy policy and any instructions that we may amend from time to time, and you also agree to follow our relevant rules and regulations.

The Computer Parts HQ ("Company") reserves the right to adjust its TCUS periodically, and users are responsible for reviewing our account to learn about the latest improvements made on the website. Your use of the website will be considered as approval of any changes made to the TCUS. Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to access our website or publish personal and identifying material.


Authorization and Usage Privileges

Computer Parts HQ provides users with the right and permission to view and use the website for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, including the purchase of products for use or resale. However, our access privileges do not include the following actions:

·       Resale of the website or its related material

·       Compilation and use, unless expressly approved, of its product lists, names, specifications, and prices.

·       Plagiarized, replicated use of our site or its related material.

·       Restrictions on data processing, robotics, data analysis, and extraction methods.

·       Computer Parts HQ is protected by US copyright law and international law and convention, including but not limited to, its activities and procedures, interface, and content. Except where allowed, it shall not be copied, reproduced, imitated, sold, manipulated, maliciously visited, or resold in any manner for any unlawful or unacceptable purpose. Any malicious and unauthorized use of the website will result in the revocation of the license and privileges permitted by the Company and may subject you to legal action and investigation.

·       You can make hyperlinks anywhere on the website as long as the connection created restricts the display of the website, the organization, its affiliates, investors, co-brand accomplices, licensors, and any other partners, its goods, and services, in a manner that is not misleading, harmful, or invasive.

·       You are permitted to make hyperlinks to any page of the website as long as you do not use any licensor, associate, subsidiary, co-brand partner, partner logo, or registered graphic or trademark associated with Computer Parts HQ as part of a link to the website without express written permission from the Firm.


Contents and Stock Listings

Computer Parts HQ strives to provide comprehensive details about all of the items offered on the website, including specifications, names, photographs, prices, links, references to compatibility, and other related information. However, while we do our best to ensure that the material provided on the website is correct, credible, modified, and error-free, we cannot promise or warrant that it is always accurate.

The material provided on the website is for information purposes only and does not produce any sponsorship of any product, service, reseller, manufacturer, or other related entities offered. In case of any typographical, technological, or other errors, the company reserves the right to deny or refuse orders made for the product or service in question and immediately check and change the product or service records.


Links to Sites and Businesses

Our website may contain external links to third-party websites and businesses. We do not endorse or make any representations about these sites and businesses, and we are not responsible for their content or accuracy. Visiting these external links is done at your own risk, and we recommend that you review their terms of service and privacy policies before using their services.


Order Cancellation:

Orders accepted by Computer Parts HQ will not be subject to modification or revocation by the customer without express approval from Computer Parts HQ or its approved members. Each canceled, substituted, or updated order will incur a nominal processing charge of $25 or 15% of the order value. If you wish to cancel or change your order, please contact our customer service.

Computer Parts HQ will not approve order termination emails. In the event of a product's unavailability or backorder status, Computer Parts HQ may reject or cancel an order at its own discretion. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You are advised to be aware that any items in our listings may not be in stock, so please check the stock specifics before placing an order.

If the company no longer offers or stocks a good received for substitution from a client or if the service is temporarily out of stock, it may be referred to the Department of RMA. The consumer would have two alternatives in such a situation: Computer Parts HQ will provide a similar repair or replacement piece, or Computer Parts HQ will issue a rebate that evaluates the actual market value of the purchased commodity. In either case, the present price of the retail product does not surpass the initial invoiced price.


Jurisdiction Authority:

In case of any judicial proceeding to enforce the terms of this Agreement, the jurisdiction and location will be the Local or Superior courts of the State of Circuit Court of the United States or elsewhere, as agreed upon by the parties involved.


Control & Central Law:

Any questions regarding the form and development of this Agreement, the rights and obligations of the parties as provided in the terms of the documents, shall be decided and determined only in compliance with the relevant legislation of the United States of America.


Prosecutor's Cost:

Any fair attorney's fees or other associated costs incurred in connection with any civil act, mediation, prosecutions, enforcement, or clarification of this Agreement, or in relation to the interests of a Defendant, due to any perceived violation of the Agreement, wrongdoing, or disagreement, shall be recovered.


Dropship Requests for Product by Customers:

If a customer requests our company to sell or send their goods to a third party, both the customer and the third party's final user will be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Conflicting Words:

Any terms and conditions related to and/or presented in the customer's orders that may conflict with Computer Parts HQ's TCUS will not be valid without Computer Parts HQ's written approval. However, all instructions approved by Computer Parts HQ shall be subject to TCUS.


Purchase Money Security Interest:

If the customer effectively completes, executes, and approves an order, the customer gives Computer Parts HQ the right to a 'continued buying money protection interest' as security on all due or timely payments in all payable sums under any purchased order from the customer. This grants access to all merchandise or other proceeds of which the consumer has any right, title, or interest. Upon request, customers must provide Computer Parts HQ with complete financial statements, any changes, or continuity statements and pay the same filing costs whenever Computer Parts HQ estimates are required. Customers must also complete and send to Computer Parts HQ all records, equipment, and do as Computer Parts HQ may request to fully enforce this Protection Inter Drives. If the customer/buyer is in default under the protection arrangement, Computer Parts HQ retains the right to seek relief available under the statute.


Cash Back Guarantee:

Please read our return policy carefully, so you can exchange or return the product ordered from Computer Parts HQ in case of any inconvenience.

Payment & Shipping Security:

Our customers trust us, and we respect that trust above all. Our suppliers ship goods promptly and with proper protection, ensuring a safe payment system is in place. We use verified authorization from VeriSign Safe and MacAfee Security to ensure secure transactions.



Computer Parts HQ does not claim any intellectual property rights over the products listed on our website.


Free Technical Support:

We offer free technical support to our clients by hiring Cisco experts. Please contact our customer service helpline for training.


Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process:

If you need to return a product, you must first raise an RMA request and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All Computer Parts HQ products must be returned, regardless of the reason for the return.
  • Products must be returned with all accessories, manuals, applications, and warranty statements, in their original packaging to avoid damage.
  • If the original packaging is damaged, a restocking fee of 25% may apply.
  • Do not write on the original box to avoid return rejection. Instead, use a sticker to indicate the Computer Parts HQ address.
  • Our supply chain department will check the shipment before you can collect the exchanged package within 10 days of delivery of the defective item.
  • Please notify us within two days of any inconsistencies between your PO and the products purchased.


Faulty Products under Warranty:

If you encounter a defect in your purchased item, please submit an RMA order and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Quote the damaged item's order number, purchase date, and serial number.
  • After verifying the warranty of the damaged device, one of our engineers will attempt to fix your issue over the phone or through remote access.
  • If the problem persists, an RMA number will be given, and you will need to follow our regular RMA protocol.
  • We will test and correct the issue after the object has been returned. If the item cannot be restored, we will send a replacement.
  • Replaced hardware may be new or similar to new and have equal or equivalent requirements.