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Strategies for Cloud, Flash Array Backup, and Recovery Data Storage

Plan ahead for your data center so you don't lose the data and information you've accumulated. Build your plan to protect the information that makes your organization move. ComputerPartsHQ can help upgrade and prepare your data center for the future.

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How to Prevent Data Loss with a Data Backup and Recovery Strategy

Prevent a data disaster with ComputerPartsHQ’s data backup and recovery best practices, which draw on virtualization technologies and emerging data backup software.

Understand the difference between backup and replication

Replication is a “hot copy” of production data, allowing for a shorter recovery point objective (RPO) and a shorter recovery time objective (RTO). A backup is a separate “cold copy” that is protected if the source is corrupted.

Follow the “3-2-1 Rule.”

Have at least three copies of your data: your primary and two backup copies. Store those copies on at least two different media: your primary data repository and a secondary repository (a backup disk device or tape). Keep at least one backup (cold) copy offsite.

Automate everything

Some backup software allows for automatic backup operations that create backup policies to groups automatically. Backup software also automates recovery tests to confirm the integrity of your backup jobs.

Secure with Data at Rest Encryption (DaRE)

Encryption should be a standard practice for sensitive data on backup devices used for primary data storage to protect data from being stolen.

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